Wednesday, July 30, 2014

6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX Blue (For dogs over 55lbs)

6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX BlueI used to swear by Frontline until our groomer started finding fleas and tics on our Schnauzers. Frontline had always been such a lifesaver. I don't know whether they changed their formula or my three dogs suddenly developed a resistance to the product. I can remember life prior to Frontline, where the only alternative was flea/tic sprays and powders and I was afraid we were going to return to those days. That's when we decided to try Advantix. We have not had any problem yet. My vet said this is a banner year for tics but our pets seem to be protected so far, with no adverse reaction to the product. I actually had to purchase Advantix in 3 levels--for the different weights of our dogs--below 21 lbs, 21-55 lbs, and over 55 lbs (for a local stray who was dropped off in our neighborhood).

We have had our dog for 3 years. He has been on Advantix the entire time and has never had trouble with ticks or fleas, although they are abundant around here. I highly recommend this product and the supplier Entirely Pets. They provided prompt service with no problems.

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I was purchasing Advantix through , but they have increased their prices where they are no longer competitive. I found the Advantix through and it is still cheaper than my vet and . The product works well, it is not 100%, as my dog still gets a tick every once in a while. I do bathe him weekly and he gets the ticks when he is exposed to an area where ticks are breeding (our game ranch and outside kennels). I live in an area of the US prone to mosquitos everytime it rains, Advantix is the only product I have found that treats, fleas, ticks and mosquitos.

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excellent product, been using it since my dog was a pup, never had any flea;tick; problem.

great place to buy as the price is right.

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I was skeptical of a topical insect repellent, but I tried it anyway. I have tried these in the past but they never seemed to work. I usually got them from a pet store or some place similar, but they never really got all the bugs. I got this in the mail and decided to give it a try. Now, my dog had fleas so bad that she would literally stop and scratch once ever 10 seconds. I felt so bad for her. It it was not because cause of the fleas, it was mosquitoes, or some other bug that bit her. I put the Advantix on her and within 10 minutes the mosquitoes were running away. After 20 minutes she stopped scratching every 10 seconds but about once every 30 minutes. After about 4 hours, she looks up and around expecting to scratch something only to find that there is noting to scratch. It is the funniest thing because she had become so accustomed to scratching that she did not know how to react. Now she is sleeping longer and better and she looks a lot happier. I think that the investment of $50 or so for 6 months of this protection is more than worth it. How much is a vet bill for a dog with lime disease or a flea collar every month that does not stop all the scratching.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Advantage Dogs & Puppies 1-10LBS (Green) 4 Month Supply

Advantage Dogs & Puppies 1-10LBS 4 Month SupplyI placed my order on the 14th and received it on the 15th! What great service! I will reorder from here again!

It arrived quickly. And the price for 4 months is what I paid at a local pet store foe 1 month! The product is FANTASTIC!! It's a SMALL amount so it doesn't leave my Pom's back greasey like other brands I've tried.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Zodiac Flea and Tick Collar for 5-Month Dog

Zodiac Flea & Tick Collar for Small Dogs, 15'We had to put our collie in a confined space in our yard for a couple of days during construction. The first two days she was being eaten alive there were hordes of flies swarming in her ears, her back, just everywhere. This collar solved the problem right away! No flies, no bugs, nothing! That's without spraying the area of the yard or anything. This product is really great and a terrific value!

I originally put this flea collar on my dog but he reacted adversely to it and wasn't able to stop coughing as long as it was on him. (It was not a matter of how tight it was; he had plenty of room.) I didn't want to chance an issue developing so I instead opted to put the flea collar inside of my vacuum bag which helped, in part, to help me get rid of the flea problem I was having!

Buy Zodiac Flea and Tick Collar for 5-Month Dog Now

no compaints in regards to this product, it is comfortable for my pet, and it keeps the bugs away. what more can i say :)

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Unfortunately I did not know about the cancer warning on this until I received it. I waited too long to return this, and now I am stuck with it. I am now using an all natural cedar spray called Evolv by Wondercide. It seems to work well, but you have to spray it on all the time.

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I put this on my chihuahua few days ago and there is still fleas on her. I even sprayed my carpets and her bed with the Zodiac flea & tick spray. Not sure if that spray kill them b/c I can't really see the fleas, but I do see fleas crawling around my dog body.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bansect Flea & Tick Collar Cats

Bansect Flea & Tick Collar CatsThese are the only collars I have found that work. I used them on my 2 Poms before I had to put them to sleep due to old age. I now use them on my cat. I wasted tons of money on other products that did not work whatsoever before discovering these. I have not seen a flea since.

And it's true about the smell..they have a sweet smell to them :)

I recently bought the flea collar for my pet, before i did my research, and i discovered that people should be incredibly concerned about the use of flea collars on companion animals, particularly those containing propuxor and tetrachlorvinphos in their active ingredients. These are both considered neurotoxins to mammals and known to be carcinogentic. These collars and their active ingredient chemicals pose risk of damaging the brain and nervous system of humans, especially toddlers, as well as the pets that they are used on. I am very dissapointed that a product like this is allowed to be sold in stores. I would suggest to do your research before buying this product.

Buy Bansect Flea & Tick Collar Cats Now

Collar doesn't bother my 3 cats and it works as good as any collar we've tried in the past. I would use again. Thanks!

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Cheap but effective,,,would

purchase every time if available when well and is very cost effective..I'm in Texas so it does the trick here

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need i say more? well aparently i have to acording to its successfully kept the fleas off my cat for like 4 months now...smell is a little strong but it fades with time. i recommend it especially if your cat likes to go outdoors.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Natural Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs 24oz

Natural Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs 24ozI have not used this directly on my pet but have been using on the bedding, carpets, hardwood floor and baseboard areas where my dog lays. I live in Georgia so we have a pretty long flea season and it semms to me (AND as relayed by my vet) that the fleas are becoming resistant to the flea meds like spot-ons etc. I tried Frontline Plus spot-on last summer and my dog was literally eaten up with fleas -hotspots EVERYWHERE so I switched back to Advantage regular spot-on (she is sensitive to all the Tick versions)and with my vets words in mind tried a 3-prong approach. Advantage, FOOD-GRADE diatomaceous Earth from Earthworks Health (sprinkled around the back yard where she lays and around the chipmunks holes so they would carry some into their lair, also rubbed some into her coat -from the neck downevery few days -it's supposed to dry out their exo-skeletons) and then used the Spray for the house in the areas I mentioned above, maybe every 3 days -PLUS in the back of my Honda CRV where she sits. Don't FORGET YOUR CAR I did and it seemed like she got re-infested by some flea eggs that probably were left there to hatch! So now I lay a sheet and towel down back there and shake it out every few days and spray in between.

ALL of this accompanied by thorough vacuuming every 2-3 days and shaking out her bedding AND using a flea comb.

My short-haired dog is constantly out in the yard and we take periodic walks in the woods so she is constantly exposed to fleas & ticks. I never saw any fleas dying and I have STILL seen a few fleas on her when combing BUT the house (or car) does not have any fleas -the few that live are only on the dog. AND she has only had an occasional hotspot and is not chewing herself up like before.

I'm not sure there is any way to get rid of all fleas on some dogs depending on their environment unless you want to use extremely harsh chemicals which can harm your pet.

So it takes alot more effort to keep these pests at bay these days.

Cooler weather is here and I usually refrain from using Advantage from Dec thru Feb so AFTER a bath and washing her bedding, vacuuming and re-spraying etc I will maybe just try the spray on her (lightly, rubbing it on her with my hands) and the diatomaceous earth for those months. We'll see what happens.

This product does not have any detrimental ingredients as far as I can see but would not use it as a sole flea repellant directly on the pet as I imagine you would have to soak them with it and I would be worried that she would rub some in her eyes with her paws.

I use the shampoo for my dogs and it workes great so I decided to buy this as a tratment a day or two after bathing them. Just like the shampoo, it worked great by killing them on contact but it didn't keep the fleas away like it promised. My dog had a pleasant after smell that smelled like cloves. I will definately buy again and recommend to others. I recommend spraying a ring around the dog's neck, in a ring around the paws, and a ring around the butt/tail area to keep fleas from moving. After I spray a ring and work it in to their skin, I then spray the whole paw making sure to get between their toes and then do their tail and make sure that their butt area is clear before doing the rest of their tail. This will keep the fleas from running and hiding during application of the whole body. Good luck!

-I haven't tried it on furniture or anything because my furniture is leather and I have hardwood floors throughout the house.

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License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations. Man, free to kill gophers at will. To kill you must know your enemy, and in this case, my enemy is a varmint. And a varmint will not quit, ever. Carl Spackler, 1980

Wise words know your enemy. My enemy is the ant. They took control of my bath tub and was using it as a water slide. The shower doors run along a track which unfortunately collects water. When I opened the doors, ants ran scurrying in all directions. I thought, "good." But, it wasn't good; it was bad.

What I failed to realize about ants is that if you alarm them, they spray a scent which tells the hive they're under attack. The hive sends more ants. They found their water park but picked up the scent of the previous battle. I would spray poison, which would last a few days. But, soon the next wave of ants attacked.

After a long bloody battle, I did research on ants to see if I could modify their behavior using pheromones. I didn't find anything, but learned that ants hate the smell of cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla. There is a product on the market called Ant Out, but it's three times the price of this great product here made for dogs.

I was smelling the poisons and insecticide every time I took a shower, figuring this can't be doing my health much good. I doused the shower along the ant trails and inside the tracks. The next day, nothing was crawling. I spotted one or two lifeless ants which I carefully disposed of without "squishing" them which could release the "attack" signal. After three days, I see a perfectly clean bathroom again.

I will continue to squirt a tiny bit of this product, which contains clove oil and the other natural spices which ants hate. It must over-power the pheromones and ant trails as well. I'm sure it will work great on fleas and ticks for your pet as well.

One gotcha my bathroom is smelling like a freshly baked ham. I've gotten used to it. Smells a helova lot better than smelling like insecticide. Your pet may smell like baked ham as well again, not a bad trade-off for a great product.

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This stuff works great! I spray my dog once a week with this and everytime we go camping. It helps keep the ticks away and we have not found a flea on her at all. I recommend this product to anyone with a dog. It also smells very nice!

Want Natural Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs 24oz Discount?

This stuff really works. I would have given it five stars except that it does not last a week. It was gentle but use it sparingly as it will lather up as you are putting it on. It kills the fleas on contact. It has a pleasant fragrance which does not bother the dogs. Like I said my only problem was that it did not last a week.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Adams Flea and Tick Shampoo Gal

Adams Flea and Tick Shampoo GalMy scotties are frequently in Northern Wisconsin which is definitely a tick area. I used to buy a shampoo from a different manufacturer but thy stopped producing the product. The real reason that I picked Adams was because it contained PYRETHRINS. The fact that it kills fleas is a nice bonus. My dogs coats are shinny and the shampoo helps with their dandruff especially in winter. Plus I love the smell of their coats after their bath. My vet even commented on the wonderful smell and asked what product I used. Another selling point was that i could obtain the shampoo in a gallon size. Much more economical when you have several dogs.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Advantage Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs

Advantage Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs over 55 Pounds, 4 PackWe have three dogs & two cats & occasionally a few hundred if not thousand fleas. We use different doses to cover the whole herd.

We used Advantage when we lived in TX & it worked great. Then we moved to MO, got a new vet who sold Frontline in bulk & gave one free when you bought four. He would just fill syringes with a prescribed amout & put those in a medicine bottle. We thought, sure, whats the difference & went on as usual.

The frontline is a good product & we couldnt really tell any difference so we just didnt think anymore about it.

But after a few months one of our dogs started to have allergic reactions to fleas.

For reasons I wont go into here, we switched Vets. Our new Vet didnt sell Frontline in bulk so we purchased the Advantage from her that came directly from the maker, Bayer.

Wow, what a difference! I put in on the whole crew at 8 am & by noon the scratching & biting was almost non existent. I did a search for fleas & the ones I did find were either dead or moving so slowly they were easy to catch & kill. Two days later we have no fleas.

Now I should add two things here.

First, I also treated my lawn with a 10 lb bag of flea, tick & ant killer which Im sure helped. At least as far as re-infestation is concerned.

Second, I suspect that the bulk Frontline that I was purchasing may have been weakened by age or the way it was stored by the Vet & transferred to me in syringes. So I would suggest that anyone thinking about purchasing in this way, think again.

Lastly, my wife & I are considering using Advantage & Frontline both. Possibly switching them every other month in hopes of keeping the little buggers from developing resistance. I dont know if that will help but it couldnt hurt.

In the "old days" before Advantage and Frontline became available it was the tiresome routine of wash the dogs, spray the house and lawn with noxious chemicals and repeat. It often took an entire Saturday. These drops were a blessing. Now the Advantage seems to be losing it's effectiveness. My vet agrees, saying they need to tweek their formula. I've started using Frontline one month, then Advantage the next month. It's the only way to keep fleas away.

Buy Advantage Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs Now

Our outdoor area is suffering through a major flea infestation. Having tried frontline without success, we waited some time before trying Advantage. Worked like a charm.

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As a former Veterinary Technician I have considerable experience and knowledge about fleas and their life cycle. However, you don't have to be a technician to do a google or wikipedia search to learn a little bit before writing an ignorant review. The vast majority of the bad reviews I have read here, are obviously (to me) from people who really do not understand where fleas come from and what you have to do to eliminate them.

Here's the thing: 90% of the flea population that feeds off of your pet are NOT ON THE ANIMAL RIGHT NOW. That's right, the vast majority of the pests are actually on your floors, carpets, furniture, pet beds and so forth waiting to hop on Spike and Fluffy when they are hungry. Fleas feed, then jump off the animal, while some more of their family jump on and start feeding in their place. To truly manage the flea problem requires TREATING THE ANIMAL AND THE PREMISES. If you do not treat the premises (including the yard) you will never get ahead of the problem. Sevin dust in the yard or some pyrethrin-based spray have been effective for me for many many years.

Also, the lack of effectiveness that people think they are seeing is not because the product is not as good, it is because the fleas have become tougher over the years. You just have to attack the problem on all fronts and be as persistent as the pests themselves. Treat the animals and the premises and don't let up.

Now, I am going to save some people a lot of money. The drug in Advantage for Dogs and Advantage for Cats is exactly the same drug (Imidacloprid) at the same concentration.

If you buy this "Large Dog" package, you get four 4ml tubes. If you then empty those into a vial or vials, you can use a syringe (without needle) to apply the right dosage to your dogs AND cats. In fact, if your cats are under 10 pounds, you can get 10 cat doses out of each of these vials. That's a real bargain!

Advantage II is the same, but adds Pyriproxyfen for the full life cycle coverage.

Use the following chart and you will be fine.

Cats up to 9 pounds 0.4ml

Cats 10+ pounds 0.8ml

Dogs 11-20 pounds 1.0ml

Dogs 21-55 pounds 2.5ml

Dogs 55+ pounds 4.0ml

Want Advantage Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs Discount?

Price was right, delivery was on time and their was no damage.

Absolutly no issues with this vendor and would use them again.

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