Sunday, April 20, 2014

Advantage Purple Cat Medium/Large 4pk 9-18pds

Advantage Purple Cat Medium/Large 4pk 9-18pdsWe have a 19 pound Maine Coon male cat. Maine Coons' have many layers of fur and all different lengths. The under pelt is so thick you can't part it enough to see the skin. He is an inside cat but still gets his Advantage Purple once a month for prevention. There are many dogs in the area that roam loose so fleas can come in from the dog activity outside. I like the ability to apply Advantage topically and Oscar tolerates it very well. I have read reviews where professional animal care providers say that Advantage is the best topical flea medication available. We get it through Amazon for far less than what the vet charges plus it's delivered right to our door. No more "out of my way" trips to the vet!...and complete flea control.

I used to use Frontline and I saw a difference but nothing like you see with Advantage. With Frontline I also had to use carpet/furniture spray but with Advantage I don't. I still recommend it but it's not completely necessary.

Buy Advantage Purple Cat Medium/Large 4pk 9-18pds Now

I have 3 indoor cats, however my 18 lb Maine Coon Cat, escaped to the outdoors and was difficult to bring in....he was afraid, & hid in the rafters of the shed. Consequently, FLEAS! With his fur it is a nightmare! Took him to the vet & he was treated with Frontline Plus. I treated all the cats....But to no avail. the fleas were not handled....I bathed all of them, scrubbed my carpeting and vacuumed daily and treated it with a flea spray recommended by the vet. Even used an indoor fogger. After 3 months, of Frontline Plus, we were still infested, and my little shorthair was crazy allergic, biting her hair off.

I remembered using the Advantage II before but could not find a vet or local pet store that carried it. So I ordered from Amazon. Within 2 days my cats were not scratching and my Shorthair, started calming down. I was worried about the side effects, but luckiy, the cats were just fine! It is 10 days later, and after fine combing, they are flea free! Advantage II is Great!

One other thing I did based on reading a review is use diatomatious earth to treat bedding and carpeting. It dries up those pesky fleas, and also works on ants too! Much safer than the sprays & foggers!

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Its the same product that I use to buy with the vet!!! but not that expensive, thanks, we love it!

Want Advantage Purple Cat Medium/Large 4pk 9-18pds Discount?

Killed off the fleas but... it makes my adult cat sick for several hours. She can't stand to be touched, pants excessively and drools a bit.

One month later after application there are new fleas in my home. This may be a transference from me going outside or from her. I can't really tell.

The product does kill and keep the fleas off my adult cat (age 5). I hear that side effects are normal with chemicals. I wish there was a way to not introduce chemicals into her systems and keep the fleas off her and out of the home.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shoo!TAG Flea and Tick Barrier Tag for Cats

Shoo!TAG Flea and Tick Barrier Tag for Cats, Single TagWe were so excited to hear about this product because we do not like using any type of poison for pest control. Here in Texas we've had a terrible infestation of fleas this year, so we tried this product on our 2 dogs. It just didn't work. They still had fleas and we were so disappointed. We purchased 2 for each dog, so we tried it for 4 months just to make sure. It just didn't work. We gave this product a one star rating because the concept is good, but the product didn't work for us.

I purchased this product for my 3 dogs, and 2 cats. I did exactly what the instructions said. It has not worked for anyone of my animals

WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY...Before I purchased the items I read a review that it wouldnt work because it is only a magnetic strip. I should have taken heed, but I was desperate to give my animals relief, this product should be taken off the market. and the owners jailed.....

Buy Shoo!TAG Flea and Tick Barrier Tag for Cats Now

It doesn't seem to really work. My cat seems to scratch quite a bit more and it's difficult to put the tags on so that they lay against the fur of the pet as recomended. They just dangle in space. I would not recommend this product.

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I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews about this product. I'm on my second year (and my third tag) using this product now with my cat who spends most of her time outdoors in my flea infested back yard. How do I know the yard is flea infested? Because when I first started using these Shootags over a year ago, on this sweet stray (who I officially adopted 6 months after I started putting the tags on her and who is now my indoor AND outdoor cat), she had numerous fleas on her the first time I flea combed her. I saw her scratching a lot and thought I'd help her out by combing some of the fleas off of her. (Btw, the only way to know for sure if the scratching your cat is doing is from fleas is by using a flea comb on them. If they're scratching and you don't comb any fleas off of them, they may have an allergy to something (like their food, for example))

Since someone had given me a shootag flea and tick set as a gift (for my elderly 19 year old cat who was at that point only living indoors and didn't need the tags since she never went outside), I put that first flea shootag on the stray to try to give her some relief from the scratching. I combed her before applying the tag, found numerous fleas and then put the flea tag on her. Within 2 days, I combed her again and was now no longer finding any fleas. I combed her again every few days after that and still no fleas.

I was pretty skeptical that this little tag could be working so well, so on 3 separate occasions, I removed her collar and shootag, and the very next time she came in the house, she had several fleas on her (again, I know this because I combed her). I put the collar back on her the following day after my test and by the next day, no more fleas again (the collar takes about 24-48 hours to 'charge' the magnetic strip from the cat's energy field. (Yes, this may sound bizarre to some if you don't understand the mechanism, but it's true).

Anyway, after doing this same experiment two more times (combing before and after removing the collar and sending her outside) I know it's the shootag that is repelling the fleas.

The only thing I can think of for the people that it's not working for is, maybe they're not waiting the full 48 hours for the tag to charge and basing their evaluations on the pre-charged conditions? Also, if there are any fleas that jump on the cat or dog before the tag is fully charged, they may not jump off once the tag is charged (according to the literature that accompanies the tag. Apparently when the fleas are inside the energy field set up by the tag, they're not affected by it, so they may hang out for awhile before jumping off again.) But once the tag is fully charged, no NEW fleas will jump on the animal. So if you've waited 2 full days and your pet is scratching, comb them again to remove any lingering fleas from before the tag was charged, and then there shouldn't be any new fleas arriving after that.

One thing that I'm doing that other people may not be doing, is I'm only using the flea tag by itself(I don't bother with the tick tag since we don't have ticks where I live and she doesn't need the extra tag cluttering up her collar). Supposedly the tags should not conflict with each other and you should be able to use them both at the same time, so I have no idea why this doesn't work for some people. It definitely works for my outdoor/indoor cat!

For the record, I would NEVER use those toxic Frontline, Advantage or Hartz flea killing products on my sweet pet. After learning about the neurotoxic effects of them several years ago from my veterinarian while I was living in Italy, I stopped using them altogether (most vets here in the States are clueless as to how toxic all those flea killing products are (well, the vets in this country DO get kickbacks for every flea killing drug they sell through their offices, so you may be able to understand why they don't bother to investigate).

Sadly, last year a friend of mine in Lumberton, North Carolina, inadvertently killed his very sweet one year old cat by using Frontline on her. Well, actually, HE didn't kill the cat. His vet did. The cat had been picking up a lot of fleas from their yard and he wanted to keep her from bringing the fleas into the house so he applied Frontline to the back of her neck (per directions). But after he applied the Frontline, the previously perfectly healthy cat started showing signs of neuro toxicity (ie she started having slight convulsions and semi-paralysis).

He rushed the little cat to the vet and told the woman vet that he thought he may have poisoned the cat with the Frontline (since her symptoms started a day after he applied the liquid to her neck). At that point, the vet SHOULD have flushed out the cat's system and given her IV fluids to flush the toxins from her system ... if she'd had a brain and was using it, that is. (At this point they still could have easily saved the cat's life).

Instead, what did the stupid vet do? She applied yet ANOTHER neurotoxin to the poor cat's neck this one was Advantage flea killer (she stupidly thought the cat was having a reaction to all the flea bites and thought she'd load her up with even more poison!?!) I was shocked and appalled when I heard this after the fact! Of course, within another 24 hours, the cat's system overloaded and by the following day, after multiple seizures and full body paralysis, the poor little cat died a terrible, agonizing death.

And if you can believe it, the vet took absolutely NO responsibility for her actions, even when my friend did some research on the web and sent her all sorts of documentation about the toxic effects of those flea killer products with the EXACT same symptoms his cat had been having.

Google it for yourself and see just how many people have inadvertently killed their beloved pets by using these flea killer products and/or shortened their pets' lives significantly by using these toxic products on them.

Think about it, would you go around 24 hours a day with your hands immersed in turpentine? NO, because you're not an idiot and you know how toxic that stuff is and how it gets into your blood stream directly through the skin. It's the same thing with these 'U.S. veterinary approved' neurotoxin flea killing products (and they ALL fall into this category). YES, they WILL kill the fleas on your pet, but a high percentage of these toxic substances get absorbed directly into your cat (or dog's) body through their skin. And guaranteed, if you're using them, you ARE shortening your pet's lifespan.

IN Italy, these products are not at all promoted or endorsed by veterinarians, although you CAN buy them...but ONLY if you have a prescription from your veterinarian! The vets there want to be sure that before someone resorts to using one of these toxic products on their pet, that they are fully informed of the risks. Then and ONLY then, will they write you the prescription to purchase any of these topically applied flea killing products.

With this Shootag system, there are absolutely no health risks to your pet. For me, I've personally found that they work great and it's the only thing I've come across so far that keeps my cat free of fleas (short of treating my entire yard with nematodes which will naturally and non-toxically kill the fleas... but that doesn't solve the problem when my cat goes to someone else's yard and then comes in the house before the fleas jump back off her.

Anyway, I for one am grateful that I was given one of these Shootags as a gift, otherwise, I probably would never have found out about them, and would have to be keeping my newly adopted outdoor/indoor cat permanently indoors during the spring, summer and fall, since the flea problem here in Austin is pretty terrible. And I know she'd be miserable having to stay indoors all the time.

This way, we're both happy I don't have fleas in my house ever and she doesn't have fleas jumping on her every time she walks outside. The fleas hate the electronic frequency that the Shootag emits (once it's fully charged, that is) and they stay far away from her.

Oh, and one other thing, the tags are supposed to last for 3 months, but I've found that they actually last about 4-6 months before the fleas start showing up on her again. For $13 bucks having a healthy cat and a flea free house that's a bargain, in my opinion!

Want Shoo!TAG Flea and Tick Barrier Tag for Cats Discount?

This is the second time i have bought the shoo-tag and i thought they worked pretty good. Well both of my cats were inside cats and i dont have flees in the house. Now both of my cats decided they want to stay outside and when they come in they are covered with flees. So i won't rate this product any higher than a 1. I am very disappointed in this product and will not buy it again. I also have put the flee liquid on them and it seems nothing works.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Brewers Yeast & Garlic - 1000 Tabs

Brewers Yeast & Garlic - 1000 TabsJust got my order of these tablets today. Thought I was getting a really good deal with 1000 but I have to use twice as many as with my usual brand. I was using 1 per 10 lbs.; these require 2 per 10 lbs. So I must use twice as many so it is not nearly the bargain I thought. But the worse part is that liver and peanut butter are both listed in the description above ingredients and neither of these are listed on the ingredients on the bottle.

The ingredients on the bottle are: Brewer's Dried Yeast, Montmoriilonite Clay, Diccalcim Phospahate, Garlic, Natureal Flavoring, Stearic Acid, Silica Aerogel, Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil, Magnesium, Stearate, Dried Whey, Vegetable Oil, Niacin supplement. Riblflavin, Ascorbic Acid, and Thiamine Mononitrate.

I am not even sure some of this this stuff is good for my dogs. Will have to figure out what the heck all this is. I may be sending it back.

FOLLOW UP: This company corrected their misinformation within a couple of days and offered me a full refund including shipping after I sent them an email. Very honest.

My lab had some skin infection before. Vet recommended using brewer's yeast to help improve my pet's skin so I tried this product since it was the cheapest. After 2 months, her skin is better than ever. Coat is very shiny. I have no problem giving them this, my labs love the taste. It could have been better though if Amazon puts the dosage in the description. See dosage below.

Tablets: 2 tablets daily for each 10 lbs. of body weight.

NOTE: During stress, convalescing, pregnancy or in summer months, double daily amount.

Official Website is at [..]

Buy Brewers Yeast & Garlic - 1000 Tabs Now

Seems to help minimize how much dogs are affected by biting insects particularly fleas, with regular use over the warm months. Tablets make accurate dosage by weight very easy-no guessing, and the dogs love them as will notice better skin and coat condition in about a month of usage.

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Brewers Yeast With Garlic 1000 Ct Btl

I give my dog brewers yeast w/garlic tablets for her coat and to keep out ticks and fleas. I don't use a flea collar or give her any type of flea bath or ointments. I've had her two years and she's never had a problem with either ticks or fleas. This product had the best value for the money and my dog has no problem with the taste.

Want Brewers Yeast & Garlic - 1000 Tabs Discount?

This product works great for my dog. I did find this product at a lower price somewhere else. Regardless this is a very good product.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adams Plus Carpet Powder with Linolool and Nylar, 16-ounce

Adams Plus Carpet Powder with Linolool and Nylar, 16-ounceWe've unfortunately dealt with fleas twice now (a year between). Last year I tried a bunch of different sprays before discovering this powder. As people have mentioned, it does clog the vacuum, but I'll take a clogged vacuum over a house full of fleas.

A few tips:

1) Treat your cats/dogs with Advantage or something similar FIRST. You're never going to get rid of the fleas if they keep feasting off of your animals and breeding.

2) BUY ENOUGH POWDER. I have an average sized split level, where two of the four levels have carpeting (so the equivalent of one full floor), and I need two containers of this. So an average sized house that is fully carpeted could need 4 containers. Make sure to follow the instructions for spreading the powder and leaving it to settle.

3) I also use the Adams inverted spray on couches, chairs, cat perches, and such.

It's been several weeks since this year's breakout, and I haven't seen any sign of them coming back.

I used this on carpet and all it did was clog up my vacuum cleaner. Did not stop the fleas or help get rid of them. waste of time and money.

Buy Adams Plus Carpet Powder with Linolool and Nylar, 16-ounce Now

I would not recommend this!It had my entire living room filled with dust. I had to wash all my my sons toys, wipe off the table and sweep all the dust off the floor.It was horrible, not even sure if it worked. I should have just got rid of the throw rugs to begin with. Wasted money on this product and over 3 hours cleaning one room only to get rid of carpet anyway.I do not want to get my son sick from any powder left in the rug, having a professional come out to take care of fleas is worth peace of mind and safety.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs with Oatmeal 18oz

Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs with Oatmeal 18ozFour puppies found their way under my fence and into my backyard. They were covered in fleas. I filled a bucket with water lathered each up and sprayed the soap with fleas off. Then, I let them soak in another lather of shampoo, waited a couple of minutes, then immersed each in a bucket of water(not head). Most fleas took off for their head, but I was able to wipe them into the water. I kept the puppies a couple of days before finding a no-kill rescue group for them. I didn't see anymore fleas on them and the foster mom took them to the vet and didn't see any as well. I would recommend the Hartz shampoo.

Kills fleas, ticks and makes my dog smell good!!!

That said, it's not a hundred percent effective and I have to practically douse my German Shepperd in it but it does the job just fine (just be sure to let it soak in for a bit to kill those extra healthy bugs).

Keep in mind that you'll also have to wash all your pets bedding and toys if you want the bugs to stay away for any length of time.

Buy Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs with Oatmeal 18oz Now

My boxer had ticks and I bathed her with this shampoo and followed the directions, covered her whole body and left it on her for 5 minutes then rinsed. Voila! ticks started dropping off her left and right....she feels so much better! I know hartz products often get a bad name but as far as this shampoo goes....I love it! Also has a nice vanilla smell :)

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I actaully saw a flea fall dead when I was using this shampoo on my dog. It has a nice clean smell. I am sold on this product!

Want Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs with Oatmeal 18oz Discount?

I've been having ongoing Tick issues with 2 small dogs. I've tried the flea and tick drops on the skin, yet to little success.

I used this product, and you can see the ticks fall off thereafter!

Ensure you read the instructions, keep out of your pet's eyes, and leave on for 5 minutes.

I plan on repeat in a few days.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vet's Best - Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray 32 Oz, 32 oz liquid

Vet's Best - Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray 32 Oz, 32 oz liquidI am having the worst problem with a tick infestation. I've never had a problem with ticks ever. They have been very bad in Florida this year. I bought this product after trying DE and everything else I found to use on the internet. I finally conceded and called a professional and bought Preventic collars. Back to this product, it works well on dog beds and the surrounding areas. Today I reread the instructions and found I could use it directly on my dogs. I felt stupid because I forgot I could use it on them. I sprayed my one old girl and followed the instructions. The ticks are falling off of her. Amazing how a product works when you follow the instructions. I will see in the morning how well it works, keeping my fingers crossed. Here's hoping it works as well as other people have reported.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Frontline Top Spot Flea and Tick Dog Treatment Tube, 3-Month, 45 to 88-Pound, Purple

Frontline Top Spot Flea and Tick Dog Treatment Tube, 3-Month, 45 to 88-Pound, PurpleI love using Frontline on my dogs as it is very effective for tick and flea control on my dogs.

and it is the only one i am supposed to use for my dogs. The pet stores in the area dont carry it so i was really happy to find it here at Amazon. We missed a few months using this last year and sure enough, one of the boys had early onset of Lyme which we treated but will use this every month now. Got it when promised.

Buy Frontline Top Spot Flea and Tick Dog Treatment Tube, 3-Month, 45 to 88-Pound, Purple Now

Just okay,

My doggie had attracted some fleas and I heard this was a very good product. I was a little disappointed after using it. The first dose did bsically nothing that I could tell. Had to wait a month to give second dose and that seemed to do the trick. Just okay.

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